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LJ and Dave at Cooling Castle Barn

LJ and Dave at Cooling Castle Barn

June 23, 2014  |  Weddings  |  1 Comment

One wedding dress, ivory - check.  Or rather a fabulously gorgeous dress and a whole host of pretty things - check. Three rather lovely teal bridesmaids dresses with accessory shoes and individual wrapped gifts for bridesmaids each one labelled so they don't mix anything up: check, check and check. You see, the thing

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Katherine and Ben at Cooling Catle Barn

September 22, 2008  |  Weddings  |  2 Comments

weddings  Katherine and Ben at Cooling Catle Barn

Another glorious day in Kent. Another gorgeous bride and handsome groom. Another wonderful venue this time Cooling Castle Barn).

Could this job get any more fun?

Actually if I wanted to be picky then I could have done with a little less sun on the day. But it’s still fun watching the guys run up and down knowing that they are fairly warm in their 3 piece suits :).

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Julie and Terry – all pictures from a real wedding online now

August 8, 2008  |  Weddings  |  1 Comment

Remember Julie and Terry? They got married at Sittingbourne Register office 8 days ago. Since they weren’t having a honeymoon, I knew they couldn’t wait to see their pictures.  Just over a week later, all their pictures are now online!

There’s a highlight show below and if you want to see more then you can jump on over to the client site where you can see every picture from their wedding in Sittingbourne and the pictures from Great Higham Barn. Read More