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Emily and Astrit at Farringtons "the whole country was crying"

August 12, 2008  |  Weddings  |  9 Comments

weddings  Emily and Astrit at Farringtons "the whole country was crying"

Most pictures of wedding start with the bride. Instead, here’s Astrit. Kosovan, groom for the day, evangelical preacher and all round cool guy. He also has a bit of a way with words.

We got a little wet at his wedding to Emily. OK, we got very wet. The heavens opened and what could have been one of the most beautiful days ever turned into one of the wettest. It was so bad that a couple of the guests were even heard to say that it was a pity and that it might spoil the day a little. Then Astrit stood up for his speech and explained. He’s been in England for 5 days and everything was wonderful. Now the whole country was crying because he had the best girl. And all of a sudden the rain didn’t matter at all.

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Huge slideshows of real weddings

June 25, 2008  |  Weddings  |  No Comments

Well, it’s taken 18 months (did I mention how busy this year has been?)  But I’ve finally updated the highlights page.  All new pictures – all new style.  But still the same promise.

Full screen slideshows.

Yep, absolutely hugely massive luxury slideshows in full colour filling a screen near you.  Here’s how to get the best from them. Read More