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Pooja and Prem: The Old Kent Barn Swingfield

Pooja and Prem: The Old Kent Barn Swingfield

April 4, 2013  |  Weddings  |  No Comments

We have colour. We have noise. We have Bhangra. We have a barn. We have one very special wedding as Pooja and Prem get married at The Old Kent Barn. Settle in - this isn't going to be one of those quiet weddings.... Here's Pooja putting the finishing touches to her

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Gemma and Adam - as seen on TV

Gemma and Adam – as seen on TV

October 18, 2010  |  Weddings  |  3 Comments

Some people spend weeks planning their wedding.  Some people spend months.  Some even years.  Ever wish you could leave everything to your friends?  Would you?  Could you? That's what Gemma and Adam did.  They handed over the planning of the whole thing to WeddingTV, Kelly from Orchid Weddings and their family

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Danielle and Rui at the Old Kent Barn

September 29, 2009  |  Weddings  |  3 Comments

Something of a local celebrity wedding this week! There are a couple of clues below….see if you can guess who it is before you get to picture 4. But first of all, let’s take a look at Danielle’s beautiful engagement ring. Specially cleaned and all ready to be joined by her wedding ring.

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Fireworks at Leeds Castle

November 10, 2008  |  Weddings  |  No Comments

weddings  Fireworks at Leeds Castle

I love this time of year. Dawn’s pretty late (which allows me to get on the beach for portrait sessions), there’s great colour in the trees and most of all there are fireworks!

Fireworks must be one of my favourite things to shoot apart from weddings.  And fireworks at weddings must be best of all. Read More

Emily and Astrit at Farringtons "the whole country was crying"

August 12, 2008  |  Weddings  |  9 Comments

weddings  Emily and Astrit at Farringtons "the whole country was crying"

Most pictures of wedding start with the bride. Instead, here’s Astrit. Kosovan, groom for the day, evangelical preacher and all round cool guy. He also has a bit of a way with words.

We got a little wet at his wedding to Emily. OK, we got very wet. The heavens opened and what could have been one of the most beautiful days ever turned into one of the wettest. It was so bad that a couple of the guests were even heard to say that it was a pity and that it might spoil the day a little. Then Astrit stood up for his speech and explained. He’s been in England for 5 days and everything was wonderful. Now the whole country was crying because he had the best girl. And all of a sudden the rain didn’t matter at all.

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Dancing lions and fireworks that stop traffic

June 30, 2008  |  Weddings  |  No Comments

weddings  Dancing lions and fireworks that stop traffic

Now you’d think that a few photographs at a private party in a client’s garden would be a quiet weekend for me. But the sign above gives you a small clue. It’s pointing to a h-u-g-e marquee. Fabulous private party? Yes. Small? No.

This was an anniversary party and the planners had been on the case for a year. Before the night was out there would be a string quartet, lion dancing, drumming, fireworks that stopped traffic, some of the finest wines the sommelier had ever handled and dancing. Lots of dancing.

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