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Flis and Dave at Walmer Castle. In the rain.

September 8, 2008  |  Weddings  |  1 Comment

weddings  Flis and Dave at Walmer Castle.  In the rain.

People ask me “what do you do if it rains?”. My answer is always the same “the cameras can take more water than a wedding dress – we’ll go on shooting”. Some people laugh. And some people don’t believe me. Then there are people like Flis and Dave who call my bluff. And that’s when we get the coolest pictures.

Of course, it was just my luck to meet a very cool couple who were absolutely up for anything the elements could throw at them on one of the wettest days ever. Those are sandbags which were in front of pretty much all the houses in the road. There were 4 inches of rain forecast and the environment agency had issued a severe weather warning. A perfect day for a wedding!

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