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All the gossip from a real wedding: Tania and Phil

August 25, 2009  |  Weddings  |  No Comments

I know what happens when people come to the gallery - they politely pretend to look at my pictures but really they are wondering "wow, where did she get that dress" and "I must steal that idea".  So here you go...all the details from a recent wedding.  Including what they

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Tania and Phil: all the pictures from a real beach wedding

July 1, 2009  |  Weddings  |  No Comments

Tania and Phil were married at Canterbury Register Office (Wellington House) and then went on for a bit of a party at the Whitstable Brewery on the beach at Whitstable.  It's pretty much as close as you can legally get to a beach wedding! There are some highlights below and a

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Tania and Phil: Chillin' at the beach

June 12, 2009  |  Weddings  |  2 Comments

A convertible Beetle, fish and chips on the beach, afternoon tea and 9 guys posing by the bar. This can only be MyWeddingStory.

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