East meets West – Sharminda and Ian

October 6, 2008  |  Weddings
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weddings  East meets West   Sharminda and Ian

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Ian and Sharminda at St Bartholomew’s Church in the beautiful Kent village of Waltham. Where the groom and his family have lived, well forever.

A tiny village in the midst of rolling countryside where the groom lives and farms.

You couldn’t get more English than that.

Except this is MyWeddingStory – real weddings, not fairy stories. So there’s always a twist….

weddings  East meets West   Sharminda and Ian

The Tottys are coming. And they are bringing the Patels. That should liven things up a bit. And bring some colour to the proceedings!

weddings  East meets West   Sharminda and Ian

And it’s true – with a wedding this fabulous, nobody can wait to get a glimpse of the bride, you’ll never guess what the dress looks like!

weddings  East meets West   Sharminda and Ian

And there, in a centuries old church, amidst the hops and with all their friends crammed into the pews, local boy done good Ian marries the exotic and beautiful Sharminda.

But of course no wedding is complete without a guard of honour. But this is Kent. And in the countryside – don’t expect swords.

weddings  East meets West   Sharminda and Ian

Not when you can have pitchforks and the Kent College Young Farmers’ Club.

weddings  East meets West   Sharminda and Ian

Of course, being England and the summer we couldn’t escape without a little drop of liquid sunshine.

weddings  East meets West   Sharminda and Ian

But judging by the smiles nobody really cared as Ian lifted his new wife out of the gig.

weddings  East meets West   Sharminda and Ian

And then it was time for the celebration….

weddings  East meets West   Sharminda and Ian

What, you didn’t really expect smoked salmon and roast beef when you could serve fabulous food like this do you?

weddings  East meets West   Sharminda and Ian

(Actually, there was some roast lamb but I thought these copper pots looked fantastic in the pictures!)

weddings  East meets West   Sharminda and Ian

And of course there has to be dancing. But if you own all the land around and the nearest neighbours are miles away, well you can let your hair down and kick up a ceilidh.weddings  East meets West   Sharminda and Ian

And with no street lights and a h-u-g-e marquee with just the right light you can imagine yourself far away in front of an exotic pavilion.

weddings  East meets West   Sharminda and Ian

More pictures when the happy couple return from honeymoon in India. Actually, quite a lot more pictures.

Meanwhile you can leave comments for them below.

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  • sharminda

    Fabulous photos!!!!!!! Thankyou so much. can’t wait to see the rest
    Mr and Mrs Lockood
    Agra , INdia

  • Bijal Patel

    Pictures are great, Can’t wait to see the rest! Have fun in India!

  • vilas and mike

    fantastic celebrations. lovely photos . so pleased. day went very well. missing you see yoy soon . enjoy

  • smita

    Had a lovely time. lovely photos. enjoy your honeymoon.

  • jan and richard

    Wonderful photos, a fantastic day. We are so happy for you both.
    Enjoy your time in India– but how will we ever get that country boy down to earth and back on the farm.. We love you both very much and look forwaard to seeing you soon. loads of love from Ansdore.

  • ormond &kate

    fantastic pictures. we had a great week end last week. Pictures truely capture s the mood and pleasure. have fun in India.

  • jacqui andy abi and Etan

    It was the most fabulous day. A truely perfect wedding, it was so you. Such beautiful details and you both looked so happy we are so pleased for you. I’m thrilled to have you as a sister. Abigail adored being a bridesmaid and Ethan looked pretty cute too.

  • happy mineshh

    the last one is lovely! very nice, well…now I know what you were doing all the time while everbody was dancing like mad! :)

    all in all…the wedding was just great fun. Even though I was “helping”. Amazing to have sharminda lockwood as a cousin now!

    could we repeat this every year?

    hope, Ian is not sick of India yet, it truly is the most diffrent, but also the most amazing country ;) have fun U 2!

  • happy mineshh

    It was lovely to be a bridesmaid at your wedding! I enjoyed it thoroughly. I couldnt stop dancing till the end and could have danced more if the coach hadnt come. Kisses and hugs from your favourite niece!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

  • happy mineshh

    Hi there!!! The last message was from Mira!!:)

  • happy mineshh

    I t was a wonderful wedding ! We had a great time seeing everyone again. The dancing was great fun. The pictures are lovely. Have a good time in India. love Benamasi. :) :)

  • http://Myweddingstory.co.uk Sarita

    Great to see the pictures you look a great couple. Enjoy married life together and keep in touch. Sorry I could not make it. Looking forward to hearing about your honeymoon in India. Love Sarita

  • Mukesh and Vinda

    Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood!! Wonderful photos,can’t wait to see the rest. Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in India! From all accounts, it appears that everyone had fun at the wedding. Sorry I missed it.

  • Sarina

    They are fantastic photos, can’t wait to see the rest!
    Congratulations Mr and Mrs Lockwood, hope your having a great time on your honeymoon!

    Sarina xx

  • Nirmal & Lisa

    What a fantastic wedding! The day was perfect and we were so thrilled to be there. Nirmal was honoured to be one of the ushers on the day. Hope both of you enjoy India, it will be such a wonderfull experiance.

    Lots of love,
    Nirmal & Lisa. x x x

  • Chandra & Hasu (America)

    Hello the most wonderful couple made in heaven
    It was privilage to attend your wedding and by the way first church wedding for me. and it was the most wonderful experience .
    You both looked fabulous and so much in love and keep the same for the rest of life. I really enjoyed the western dance and everbody can tell I love to dance. Enjoy your honeymoon and see you soon. Say hello to the gentleman with the scotish skirt who really swing me and I thought I was going to fall in my socks.
    Love you both chandramasi

  • http://myweddingEastmeetsWest Auntie Val and John

    I have never seen a couple enjoy their wedding ceremony so much you both looked so happy and smiling all the way through. We all had a lovely time and cant wait to see you both when you come home. Love you both and as I have said many times if I had a son I would have wanted it to be Ian.

  • http://myweddingEastmeetsWest John

    Everything about the day was good:- food, drink and I havent done country dancing since school.

  • sevilay and ahmet


  • Roger, Ann & Tim

    What a super day. The lovely photo’s show just how happy you both are & we know that you will continue to be so! Look forward to seeing you both again, soon.

  • http://weddingphotographywithheart.comfiveshootingstars.com Mimi Carroll

    Wow! I loved this wedding! Congratulations to the bride and groom! and kudos to the photographers!!!!!

  • Jenny Clark

    Thank you for your card, we are glad you got what you wanted.
    Love the photos.What a good idea.
    Love to you both

  • http://yahoomessenger carmen

    a very happy wedding pity about the ” wet sunshine and summer breeze ” lots of love and long life and happiness.carmen

  • Madhvi & Vipul

    It was a fabulous wedding and a most enjoyable weekend. Hope the honeymoon was great! Hope to see you soon. Our best wishes for a very very happy life together!

  • David & Ruth Grigg

    Congratulations, Ian & Sharminda Lockwood!
    Thank you for sharing your photos with everyone,- great idea!
    We both wish you well in your married life together.
    (We have stayed at the Barn many times, where we met you, Ian, you may remember us? All the best, and to your Mum & Dad.)
    David & Ruth.